$1.8 million in Federal Community Project Funding is being awarded to the parish for the 2024 fiscal year federal budget, thanks to the support of Senator Bill Cassidy.

The funding will be used to purchase law enforcement equipment for each of the parish’s 11 police departments, two city marshals’ offices, and the sheriff’s office. The funding will be distributed by the Department of Justice’s COPS Office.

Some of the items eligible for purchase include in-car cameras, body cameras, radios, tasers, satellite communications, and thermal imaging equipment. 

Federal Funding Timeline:

In early Spring 2023, the parish government asked local law enforcement for a wish list and then combined the wish list into one request for funding through Senator Bill Cassidy’s Office. 

In April 2023, The St. Landry Parish Law Enforcement Technology and Equipment Upgrades project was submitted to the Appropriations Committee. 

In January 2024, the parish government met with the Department of Justice’s Office of Community-Orienter Policing Service, which would facilitate the Parish’s appropriation request. 

President Biden signed the budget in early March 2024, and the request was officially approved. 

In the summer, COPS will provide a list of eligible equipment to purchase with federal appropriations and the formula used to divide the funds between departments. 

COPS suggests the funding should be allocated by September 2024 and begin the procurement process. 

St. Landry Parish Government will handle all the purchasing. 

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