In accordance with Louisiana law, a governing entity with authority over property that has undergone adjudication for over three years has the prerogative to sell said property for a public cause. The objective behind such sales is to reintegrate the property into the property tax system.

St. Landry Parish is permitted to exclusively sell properties that have undergone adjudication starting from January 1, 1975. These properties are characterized as immovable assets on which property taxes remained unpaid, and they were not procured during subsequent tax sales. They are now considered surplus or no longer essential for the Parish’s public endeavors.

How to Bid on an Adjudicated Property

Whenever a person desires to initiate the sale of adjudicated property by public sale and the parish government, in turn, is willing to sell the property, the person so desiring shall submit an application to the administrative department of the parish government, requesting the sale of such property, which application shall contain the following:

  • A legal description of property (lot, square and subdivision name, if applicable);
  • Municipal address of property;
  • Name of the owner of record of the property at the time of adjudication and the year of the tax sale;
  • Affidavit certifying the prospective purchaser is not a member of immediate family of property owner or entity in which owner has a substantial economic interest;
  • A copy of tax sale deed evidencing the recordation in excess of three years;
  • A copy of current tax bill;
  • An executed offer letter to purchase the property
  • Deposits.
    • A deposit of $500.00, by cash, certified cashier’s check, or money order, in an amount as established by the parish council form time to time, to cover the expenses of the public sale, including advertising, appraisals (if applicable), legal fees of the parish government in connection with the sale, title abstract and mortgage certificate costs and all other costs associated with the public sale.
    • In the event the applicant is the highest bidder at the public sale of the adjudicated property, any unused funds on deposit shall be applied to the purchase price of the property sold at the public sale. If there are remaining funds on deposit after the payment of the purchase price of the property sold at the public sale, said remaining funds shall, upon authentication of the sale as described hereinbelow, be refunded to applicant.
    • In the event the applicant fails to be the highest bidder at the public sale of the adjudicated property, this deposit, shall be refunded to the applicant. In the event, however, that no one at the public sale bids up to the minimum amount, if any, required for the sale of the property, then the deposit shall be retained by the parish government to pay the costs and expenses of the public sale; provided, however, that any monies remaining on deposit after the payment of said costs and expenses shall be refunded to the applicant.

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