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March 31, 2020

Parish grocers urge one shopper, one cart

OPELOUSAS — St. Landry grocers and other retailers are urging shoppers to use common sense and shop responsibly as coronavirus benefit checks begin to flow into households.

They are urging that only one family member goes to the store to shop for the household and that they limit their purchases to what one grocery cart can hold.

They say they are trying not to limit the number of people allowed into the stores because that could potentially cause a problem with shoppers mingling at close quarters waiting to get in.

“These steps are important because it will help to maintain the social distancing that is so important in fighting this virus and also to help us provide necessary items for all families,” according to Kevin Doucet, owner of Piggly Wiggly and Cash Savers stores.

“There is no need to buy for an entire month,” he said. “If you buy enough for two weeks, you will be OK, and we will be able to keep the stores restocked.” Over-shopping puts a strain not only on individual stores but on the entire supply chain, he said.

“Most of all, stay at home and let someone else shop if you have any symptoms of the virus, even if you think it’s only a cold,” he said.

“If we settle down and shop responsibly, we can get through this,” Doucet said. ###

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